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Sorry, not sorry…

A long-time subscriber sent me an email in late November, stating that while he enjoyed the Sportsman magazine, he wasn’t sure if he was going to renew his subscription because far too many of my editorials over the past couple years were about moose and salmon. He asked me not to print his letter, so I deleted it, but now wish I had at least kept his contact info so that I could reply to him privately.

I would have told him, in all honesty, “Sir, I see where you are coming from, and I do not disagree. It seems moose and salmon are all that’s been on my plate lately (no pun intended). Even times when I could and probably should have offered my view on other outdoors-related matters, something deeply concerning – usually involving mind-boggling government decisions – would pop up, making me, and tens of thousands of other outdoors people so outraged, I just couldn’t let it go.”

I also wanted to keep these matters in the public – and government’s – eye, fearing that “out of sight, out of mind” would result in these issues being swept under the rug, as governments of the past have been known to do on several issues pertaining to the outdoors.

Inside sources have informed me on a number of occasions over the years that we “had” a minster’s attention… “don’t let it go now. They’re hoping for a lull… no media exposure, no calls to open-line shows, no letters, so that they can just forget about it. Keep it going; that’s how things work in here if you want changes…”

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So the purpose of this particular editorial is to basically explain why it seems I sometimes “beat a dead horse,” as the saying goes.

I was accused of this a few times with the Sunday hunting issue, but we got it.

I was accused of this a few times with the youth hunting issue, but we got it.

I’m being told this with the ocean-based aquaculture situation, but I’m not backing down.

I’m being told this with our fight against the unsustainable number of moose licences being issued year after year, but I’m not backing down.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be right back on the recreational salmon issue again in the next issue – our Fishing Annual – to either praise or condemn federal and provincial government officials – and quite possibly some others – depending on what’s announced for the 2019 season and how they came to such conclusions.

You see, while many of our elected officials believe they’ve been put on a throne to inform us what’s going to happen and why, the fact is, they are supposed to be answering to us. They and their own staff – whose handsome salaries we also pay – must be held accountable.

It would be nice to begin with a timely announcement from DFO on what the rules and regulations will be for the coming season and not wait until just three weeks before the June 1 opening date to provide details. This is not acceptable. And if we do nothing but complain on social media, well, we’ll probably be beating that dead horse again this time next year.

In the meantime, I do hope the gentleman I referred to in the beginning can now make some sense of my constant ramblings on certain subjects, because we sincerely do value our subscribers; not so much for the few bucks they pay, but for their loyalty and support.

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