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Welcome to the very first strictly digital edition of the of the Newfoundland Sportsman magazine. I stress ‘strictly’ because we’ve had some issues available in digital format over the past few years, along with the printed copy, but we never promoted it in any substantial way. To be honest, I didn’t have any interest in it.
And now, here we are…


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Right from the get-go, I want you to know that we are well aware of the displeasure some of you have voiced since we announced our intentions a few months back. We’ve heard and read your opinions. Some of our older generation isn’t into computers, ipads and such devices. Reading the Sportsman magazine at the cabin may not be possible in areas without satellite service. Others simply want a printed copy to hold in their hands and read while sitting on the can or in their favourite recliner. We hear you. Really we do. We’ve gone back over our options because we didn’t want it this way, either. We wanted to stick to the printed version that we’ve been publishing and you’ve been enjoying for more than three decades.
Rest assured that while how and where you read the Sportsman magazine may be different, this is and will continue to be the same magazine. How I write and edit articles, how I select and enhance photos, how I lay out the magazine overall… nothing here has changed. Much of the world has, however.
The economy has been turned upside down, which, of course, is one of the primary reasons we were forced to hold off publishing our last three editions – in any format. Most of our regular advertisers are feeling the financial pandemic pinch like never before and some don’t even have inventory to advertise!
Stores and distributors that carried our magazine have been told they may be “taking chances” if they were to touch a printed copy on the shelves. We weren’t left with many choices. So after studying our options over and over throughout the spring and summer months while trying everything we could to prevent this damn pandemic from killing our company as it has so many, many others across this province and around the world, it came down to two choices – go digital or close shop. And we were not prepared to roll overt and die.
Fortunately, there is some light at the end of the tunnel with this pandemic situation. I’m certain many of you can see it as well. Actually, although some were probably too shocked to listen or think straight at the time, I continued to preach back in April that once the effects of this nightmare began to subside, Newfoundlanders and Labradorians – already among the most active outdoor enthusiasts in Canada – would be more eager than ever to get outdoors and to stay there longer.
“You just watch – quad, snowmobile and boat sales are gonna go up,” I told any body who would listen. “Cabin sales, cabin luxuries, fishing and hunting gear and trips… the outdoors will be the most popular and safest place to be. Mark my words.”
Folks, Covid 19 continues to kill thousands every day. It’s got us scared for our loved ones and ourselves. It’s changed our lives in ways we never imagined. Some of these changes will be the “new normal” long after many of us are gone. So as outdoor-related businesses – ours included – fight our way back, we’re all trying to adjust one way or another. Like virtually everything else in our changing lives, it will be just a matter of getting used to this new magazine format. Perhaps when you see the same type of down-to-earth articles and photos that you’ve told us you have been enjoying all these years, it can be one of these little things that keep you feeling somewhat “normal” in these difficult times. We’re hoping you’ll stick with us.


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